FoL29 - Uninformed Spec Chat (Jane/Anstreim/Nappy Edition)


its time to gamesolve

I think Geyde is Guy Fieri

Prediction: Rule of first 5 is going to apply in this game as well.

Did she actually rand scum again.

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I already don’t like Vulgod.
I’m waiting to actually give a read on them because I want my reads to be perfect.

Vulgard’s first post is so… stifled.
I don’t like it either.

I love this post.

yes chloe is scum

Soul is a BD Memelord.

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made a rouge spec chat I see

You were all filled with DETERMINATION

I think my determination just dropped to 0.
I’m having a bad time.

Centuries >rand V
Chloe >rand W
Vulgard >rand V
Arete >rand V

I’ll be eyeing out Vulgard

Explain this.

I think both Chloe and Vulgard are slight SL’s but I don’t think they are partners.

First post was meh but his later ones aren’t so bad.

Not townreading him for it though

He’s hyperposting his thoughts and his feelings on certain things which is hard to fake as a wolf for him I think.

I find myself agreeing with Kat and I dislike it tbf.

Arete is probably town indeed.
TBE looks fine to me as well.

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Katze - Sellsword

I love kat.

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fuck this Arete locktown

btw not sure on the ruling on this spec chat because it is unofficial

Are y’all okay with this being public, or would you rather it private, or rather it not be known to exist at all