FoL28 - The Graveyard

There is dead interaction.


rip me

we F hard
now give rolelist

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There’s dead interaction

Sorry :frowning:

cant due to dead interaction

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rip merc

guess Prince didn’t buy my alch claim

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… You claimed crusader

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I like how im still causing mass confusion ;p

Idk that scorned could tamper with flip
If i did i wouldve cuase more chaos

hi hello

another corpse :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo dead sellsword

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iiiiiii think it’s pretty clear if you read up

I probably should have actually read scorned and realized that ppl can alter flip
more reason to leave better logs

Scorned cant rewrite logs

i know
if I actually left tavernkeeper logs then amelia would be dead today

Should have done that

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as previously noted I don’t know how to play ToL very well ;-;

what happened I’m not paying attention to the game anymore