FoL23 - Unseen Chat

Maxwell is the Mastermind

DatBird is the Assassin

H_Hja is the Poacher.


Why is that? Eck that sux but I guess I’ll do it. Still gonna prob do it in both just so my mate knows what’s going on

We are forced to inform you of this as chat disabling abilities exist in the FoL Class Cards.

Yes but can I still submit them in here when I’m not noble chased

Just leave it in classcard only, alright, otherwise I’m not processing it.

You can legit just tell your teammate what you are doing, it ain’t hard.

Are we allowed to prequeue abilities

Of course you can.

@Maxwell probably just as a word of wisdom. We shouldnt convert Alice, only because it’s been like the trend the past like two FOLs iirc

Please stop lurking

If you’re here

I’m kinda watching a movie. I guess I can come join

How am I doing so far?

This is the first game ever i’ve been cutthroat aggressive as scum.

So far the Soul push was to much from what I’ve read, u seemed to be tunneling really fast which I dont think fits ur known meta. Maybe the others wont push u to much for that. But let me finish reading

How was I otherwise?

Fine, read list was super early but that shouldn’t be a problem. Sorry I’m very critical cuz I know I’m terrible when it comes to scum, and I’m just trying to make you better

Well have fun at pathfinder I gotta get me some sleep


Bog is either prince, noble, or Sherifff cause if i recall correctly only those three can use day one abilities

@Maxwell u there?