FoL23 - Dead Chat

You are either dead or the Priest(ess).

Jake is the Priest.

oh fuck me, 1st fol and die n1 :smiley:

Ferk. Forgot to put logs

Dang sog feels bad :confused:

At lest we can talk to geyde at night so it’s not over for us.

yeah, he actually thinks im poss. i was just asking for clarification. day 1 was a confusing time, i seem to have gotten the hang of it now

im thinking the only reason i died n1 is the killer killing me n1 out of spite. with me being so lost d1

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I hope not I’d feel bad about killing someone trying to learn honestly.

It could of been a redirection from another drunk I guess. I didn’t redirect you

I done Derp > Kape.

also possibly yolo archer

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htm just outed as archer, might it have been him who yolosniped me

hey geyde, dunno when youll be on so ill just say i was a legit noble

Gedye isn’t allowed here until night

it is night, at least should be real soon

Geyde isn’t even here.

He replaced out. I apologise.

i see, well the new priest should know that too

We have a new Priest. His name is @JakeTheWolfie .

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