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FoL the 18th One. HOSTED BY YOUR UNCLE - GAME END - Cult and Fanatic Victory


So I have been bad I guess you will have to punish me for that


I’ve punished you already. you just never realised I whipped and nae naed on you in your sleep.


And I wondered Why I felt So Good in the morning


I mean that explains that’s why you like sans so much.
I had a sans costume on


yet I’m wondering where that toriel cosplayer is with my NES controller wallet.


Shurian is not innocent


Did you TaKe it from him?


yeah but I’m saying how she sorta appears innocent on the outside.

Inside she ain’t.

tech feels innocent inside tho.


Am I innocent Puggo? :D




How about me


ain’t sure fk




Btw thanks guys i appricate you guys backing me up