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FoL the 18th One. HOSTED BY YOUR UNCLE - GAME END - Cult and Fanatic Victory


you asked the wrong person


nowhere on the reaper’s class card does it say the target can’t be revived

therefore they can


Would have asked you :confused: but i didnt know if a priest was around


Also tech, for posting your classcard midgame I’m blacklisting you from my games and encouraging other hosts to do the same.

It’s unfair to other players and incredibly childish to force a modkill


it was an accident?





That was an accident i take responsibility there


Like Ashe said

Squid did it on purpose and didn’t get blacklisted

Tech did it on accident lol


how the hell do you quote on accident


He was trying to prove that chilled worked a certain way


So he quoted the first half of his card to show what chill does I think?




Here you may say you think he did it on purpose to get modkilled

However counter point

He thought they already knew he was reaper so he said “I gave up” and didn’t know quoting was against the rules


tech is a nice dude who doesn’t need to be blacklisted



tech is one of the most innocent people on these forums. I mean I’d probably compare his innocence to that of someone like Shuri.


I am Very innocent too


Margaret healed Marl but reaps bypass.


you definitely aren’t. especially considering you’re the one who asked for kinks


but let’s leave that in the past


I dont think I’m allowed to tell the other Pugs in the time continuim that this happened.