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FoL the 18th One. HOSTED BY YOUR UNCLE - GAME END - Cult and Fanatic Victory



Be me with my post count lol


Or have at least half the amount of posts I do in this game


Also if you have a bigger presence as scum you can control everything so if something gets out of control you can basically put it out


I’m shocked tho that tech had the guts to reap marl N1


I’m shocked that no one protected him and he pretended to be cult n1 as prince


Which reminds me I saw a class suggestion somewhere


It’s where I got the empower idea from let me find it


Kinda like the opposite of this it could actually be a helpful neutral while still be Neutral


That idea could be interesting to work on if we could find a name for it


So just a CW?


Kinda, since court wizard is different here we could maybe add in a neutral like court wizard


However we could buff the effects a little ect


New class:


but neutral


genius, let’s do this with Prince but change it to NK



We could make a TOL cw type class a neutral or a new BD.



Prince dead N1 is gg a lot of the time :confused:


BD lost mostly because they made a bunch of mistakes. Simple as that.


I want someone to make a FM based on the stuff that happened in the Cookie Thread, the one thread to rule them all.


Marl i killed you even if a priest was alive there was 0 way for your return i asked alfa


Just so if anyone wants to host a match if a reaper is in the match a reaped player cannot be revived since the soul is gone