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FoL the 18th One. HOSTED BY YOUR UNCLE - GAME END - Cult and Fanatic Victory


Nah don’t protect firekitten N1 ;p

im totally not salty that my reads were right but I accidentally afked and the got mislynched



Max if you said the red check earlier I would have gotten lynched

It wasn’t a matter of skill it was moreso of who said it first.

That’s why I needed to get online asap


It was like the first 20 min of day and I had school so I couldn’t

Not my fault if you got here faster…


I was also in school


It’s not your fault at all


It was also bc of “firekitten being better” but yeah that’s a problem that probably needs to be fixed


It’s moreso that people thought you were cult trying to get out of a red check which is exactly what I wanted them to think.

If you got here first I would have been toast


Absolutely not lol.


I was being Town read by people that’s why they sheeped me not because They thought I was better
Also it’s because
I made softs early in the day “suggesting my results changed midway through”

I made it so I didn’t have to claim what role I was right away by hinting at my role.


People just need to think for themselves which is why

look at the cop and the cop target before lynching either of them


Nah solic is an asset to scum


I linked you n1


But I pointed out your scumtells and the wolfy things you were saying and they literally just ignored me bc “max sucks at reads so he must be wrong” .-.


I’m going to convert max and pug next game :smiley:


I see your problem now

Hold on


Yeah I figured that the mystic got converted since no one was hinting it


Your problem is that you aren’t actually getting Town read at all.

I was getting Town read while you weren’t which is why you were hung and while you are mislynched a lot

Honestly this could be fixed by having a bigger presence in the D2 and D3 phase


I didn’t even have to claim that game


I suck at having a bigger presence lol

And if you do you get killed n1 or n2


If you have a bigger presence you are more likely to be protected in these setups: