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FoL the 18th One. HOSTED BY YOUR UNCLE - GAME END - Cult and Fanatic Victory


I already knew this lel


This is epic
light theme is trash


Stop burning my eyes


if you can read this then have a good day
if you read this you’re gay
Hmm not perfect


Thanks for the good day wish :slight_smile:


I already know you’re a dirty light themer


And your a sheep-minded dark themer :slight_smile:


excuse me


Are you?





How does flagging a PM work then


Moderator secrets


I don’t know
don’t do it unless absolutely necessary

if it’s a forum game pm wait until after :eyes:
or you get modkilled too


Also everyone here complaining that FoL is scumsided because of the ‘lack of benign neutrals’ need to remember


Especially since no priest


If a game is decided on whether or not a class dies N1 or not then something is up
but I see your point


Also cause people voted me up just because “firekitten is the better player so he must be right”


It happens in ToL all the time
Also everyone not protecting me / firekitten / alice / mathblade n1 are DOING IT WRONG


And Solic when he comes back but that’s like 80 years from now


Okay guys

We need to think of a new BD class for no reason