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FoL the 18th One. HOSTED BY YOUR UNCLE - GAME END - Cult and Fanatic Victory


Hey Sam

Would you rather see blue blacklisted 12 hours or him screw up and get perm blacklisted.

(This is how you reason with sam blue)


I actually like pretty much everyone on these forums.

This is why I really want to stay here.


I rather a warning and a instant permanent blacklist next time he threatens to modkill himself imo.


I think that is rather fair


Also maybe end day when modkilled.


Are you sure about that


I’m actually very sure.

What makes you question it Mr Hjasik


If BD is modkilled to prove themselves or that someone is evil it ends day. No matter what.


This is how other sites operate as it’s unacceptable to give Town an advantage by breaking rules


Like here’s the deal

I’ll try not to get angry and threaten like that?

But I can’t promise it. What would make it better is is your pushes on me were, I dunno, less snarky? I get it’s probably your nature but you have to take into account there are people on here that won’t take that.


Me being on this forum


Still haven’t explain why you feel I was mean to you in overwatch or FWF (whatever that is)

I will consider that you took it the wrong way and you pouted over nothing until I see something



Why are you sam.

Like you aren’t trying to be rude but you are


In overwatch I was bossy to get things done but if you took it the wrong way then all you

[FM] Valkyria Chronicles - Game Thread - GAME END - Empire & Journalist victory!

Sounds kinky


Nah dude. You’re fine.

I mean you can be mildly irritating to deal with at times but overall you’re fine.


And we won in overwatch so I assume my actions as being bossy were justified


It’s not “all me”.

Yeah sure I’ve looked back at OWFM, maybe I’ve overreacted about it but you gotta know that overly aggressive, snarky plays just drive people away.

Even if you win something due to it, it ain’t worth it.


pyrrhic victory


Then we have different opinions, for me I was bossy so we won. And that is all it means. What happens in game stays in game. Each game is its own individual match, so if you take it a different way then that is your agenda, but to win my actions were justified and I stand by that in Overwatch.

In FWF (still don’t know what that is), if you think I was mean specifically to you then show me otherwise I assume that you took it the wrong way which isn’t my fault.