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FoL the 18th One. HOSTED BY YOUR UNCLE - GAME END - Cult and Fanatic Victory


Vengeance I desired but in a calm way


Nah I’m good

He was a dick to me in discord chat in OWFM

He was unreliable in FWF

He was a dick to me here

I’m not having him in my games


Modkilling yourself is unacceptable I think that’s fair play tho


How was I mean in the discord? In overwatch…


absolutely agreed


I think

Sam doesn’t mean to sound rude

He just does


I just still sorta think Blue was throwing his objective a tiny bit.


What is FWF? And yeah here I did what I needed to do to win. So pout on it all you want but yeah we needed to win


Sam’s a cool dude.


I feel bad for both sides here


It’s about as throwy as bussing is.


@BlueStorm your mistake was outing me as cult. That lost you your win


but yeah I might soft blacklist BlueStorm and Maxi from Xed 4.

(Can’t join after 12 hours of thread up)


I meannn

I would let it slide if he promises not to do it again however if they do it’s a perm blacklist


Explain how I was mean in the overwatch chat?

And explain what happened on FWF which I don’t what it is?


No saying you are going to modkill yourself is unacceptable. Ruins game integrity


What did blue do?


I think soft blacklisting is fine.

I still want them in my games. It’s just I should probably punish at least.


Here’s the thing though

I can’t promise that one bit

You piss me off I don’t know what the hell I’ll do in that moment, it’s just a massive negative of the overarching massive negative that is my life


Threatening that he would modkill himself and salt gang