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FoL the 18th One. HOSTED BY YOUR UNCLE - GAME END - Cult and Fanatic Victory


So was cult sam, litten, luxy and Squid?




Nuclear And boopy too because they sheeped FK So basicly cult vote


Litteely caused cult to win with all my bd reaps cult got lucky i got rid of prince


You know…

“Since when were you in control?”


What about Luxy for having none of his abilities work?


Best Cultist award.

Luxy for having NONE of his abilities do what they were intended to do.

Best Potato Award.

Nerbins for being in the war and winning the war against the turtles


@firekitten good job we won and I to,d you we could deny blue the win in the process


I was seeker with obs cult alts



It was possible to win with him


We knew Maximus targeted firekitten because I followed him


You chose to do that? Pourquoi?


Screw him. He didn’t deserve to win. If he wanted to win he should have said I as bd


You outed a cult when you could have one with us


Blue you literally made him want you dead and he would rather lose then let you win

I had to calm him down I didn’t want him to lynch you


That’s why max should have checked you tbh.


coughs in blacklist


I was calm though. Yeah but blue lynch was on my mind


That’s not calm that’s vengeance


@pug threatening a self modkill should be insta blacklist. It is unacceptable and it crosses a very big line