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FoL the 18th One. HOSTED BY YOUR UNCLE - GAME END - Cult and Fanatic Victory


Here’s one


You could be trying to get me to just check BD so cult can stay alive or trying to make it so I don’t smite and die(it was a covert night tho). Devout King don’t want cult checked, after all


Honestly thought mole thought nuke and sam was scum and was doing that


Wow you did

I’m geniunely surprised

Writing style is still off tho


But I have no idea who cult is


You can attempt to read them and then waste bd’s time by distracting them

Your reads are more accurate than mine at any rate


The guy who pardoned the knight was clearly a devout King all along.




I would have checked Litten Night one or Night two as an invest class ngl.


Marl did the WIFOM secondary cult so I had to check them, didn’t expect them to be prince dead N1

Wanted to check kitten n2 but I didn’t realize day ended here and pug didn’t try to remind me until 1 hour before day started aka 3 am on a school day


I feel no sense of pride nor accomplishment for playing like crap.


As you should


Don’t ever give me TK again.



Give me TK pls


“CS Eevee because Neut claim”


Why did Cult never kill anyone?


We converted mystic N1.
Tried using mindbend N2 and failed
Converted N3.


What was in your mind when max flipped paladin



That’s some aggressive filler there