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FoL the 18th One. HOSTED BY YOUR UNCLE - GAME END - Cult and Fanatic Victory


I wouldn’t call inquis or Pretender Benign. Both can kill BD, but they aren’t strictly anti-BD either. They are independent goal orientated - and therefore I define them as chaos.


Can I has plate! :D


I did more than you realize.

Besides, why would my style based on other plays


this is true correct


Right now I’m just getting confirmation about it.


/pre in me


Literally what I said and after squid acted so scummy d4 I thought that I must’ve been mindwarped or she got converted

Nuke you’re an idiot for voting me


You didn’t help yourself by not checking Sam or Nuke as I wanted tbh


Firekitten was being scummy so I checked them

That’s how it works

I was unsure if you were Devout King or not until I got voted up anyway


But I would have fought harder and been certain you were legit if you had checked Sam or Nuke as I asked.


Eh I didn’t want to risk devout King at the time cause my reads usually suck, sorry


I was trying to soft mystic by saying hi so you didn’t check me lol


I could tell that you weren’t mystic from their first post m8

Also they had a post about their wife and kids and you’d never write that


But why would me being devote affect anything?




Wait I totally would write that




I wrote it before


Name one other time where you wrote that that’s within 3 months


Let me find it