[FoL] Forum of Lies 29 - OVER (9/18) - CULT FOOL WIN

I’m not proud of anyone

I’m waiting for the modrant.

I’m mostly disappointed that barely anyone tried d3+, but I imagine the mods know more.

Nuh -uh, starting CL.

vul may or may not have actually hard carried

d2 we had w/w wagons and vul just said, ‘well yes, but actually no’

Arete and Chloe: ‘Vul wolf’

Arete and Chloe: ‘wolf wolf wolf :joy_cat:

Arete: ‘I have literally never been wrong on his alignment and he is a wolf’

Cult: strongman kill Arete and Chloe instead of the outed Prince

Town: ‘Vul locktown’


The fact I kept killing people who wanted to kill me tells the story.


Well, only 20% furious

Honestly I have to go soon

But i will make a rant when i can

This was without a doubt, one of the worst town performances i have seen in a while

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Do you all mind if I give my thoughts about this game?

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(and I am waiting on your ok/not ok with opening scumchat nerd so are you okay with it being public?)

I did the right thing in defending you then

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I’m just


I didn’t play well and I wasn’t motivated

I knew I should’ve killed Vulgard when I was going to

aaaa I shouldn’t have switched to PK.


also sorry for my lowered activity, I had alot to do, but there were also moments where I had like 10 minutes and I was too scared to enter thread

n2 allies: “A Alchemist, A Possessor, and an Evil King walk into a bar”

Sure, open it.

Welp, this game was a fucking trainwreck.