[FoL] FoL 21 - End Game Discussion Topic

Share your thoughts now the game has ended

And the Math is never converted streak continues


Gg that ending was brutal but <3

Nice try on the defense after the slip Possessed I almost bought it.


Huh, so there WAS a Warlock

Just wasn’t me

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Was Shur EK? (too lazy to read the flavor to find out.)

Also finally I wasn’t mislunched


@Frostwolf103 spreadsheet?

Yes one moment

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The half the reason I host doing flavors


Damn I called every non town player

This was a good not swingy game once I realized Blue was town hides

Sorry Blue for that


Why as Merc pretend to be sheriff :thinking: (i know it’s Hja but still interested)

My guess is for cred and a day lynching Blue or herself her targets lived. If not that then I dunno ?

Like I legit don’t understand Isaac doing nothing for two days then lying about me then jailing me again despite locking something else in thread

Imagine if she did that and it was a cult game

That’d have sucked for her

She was EK yeah

U know
When I hammered Wazza I was actually thinking he was town

And that he was a mislynch

Well he is jailed N1, what did you expect?

Tbh I think he played well as EK. I townread him. (Not Magnus though)


My fault, I raged like a mad lad

Though by now people should know that’s generally town-indicative of me

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I think Marg yolo CSing might have helped us actually…

…Boss was going to be unseen.