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[FoL] FoL 19 - XoXo An Error has occured - Re-Rolling In New Thread


What if we just had an NK who instantly won in F3


Just no


make a nk with voting power

no to winning automatically


Which is why I decided on reaping Baz.


Theorizing and changes should go after the reroll. We just made a lot of changes.


GK prince and NK
NK wins



Oh god


when will this start omg


When Wazza finishes rolling


dies irl


When I stop getting King roles


give me king then


I want king


> Gets pretender even though that’s not a thing :^)


Take the crown from my cold corpse then >:(


i would want it

Heck if I get alch, I’ll claim pretender


watch me be evil now


And I was going to let you live out of good faith too,


Also /in again if needed


Yeah, just realized have after stuff school to do

Again my brain is fried today, basically a friend tried teaching me a bit of pre-cal in 2nd, i had a geometry midterm in which I barely studied for in 3rd, and had an SAQ to do in 4th

So yeah, can’t make it, my apologies