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[FoL] FoL 19 - XoXo An Error has occured - Re-Rolling In New Thread


Also, yall dont know how triggered I got when i saw I got King


Least you didn’t get that class you’d play best as, and its proven, but game got canned


Join my turbo for shamless plug I need one more person


Sam got phys, and was equally as pissed


If you can promise 1 hour lll join


But Geyde

i just had a turbo as Evil King/Cult King


School ends in an hour for me


Was alch converted?


I got mystic



I was originally going to reap Marg, claim Drunk, and go for a PK victory, but I’m quite sure people would catch on as going for a PK is pretty much my go-to strategy as an NK.


Technically yes, but no.
But they tried atleast


I wouldve wished you did


All the neutral kings are also a bit underwhelming for now.


I was very suicidal but uhh


Going for PK with your activity day 1


I think players can do that more capably now with Noble claims since Gossip


They still have doublevote when not in F5


It’s starting 1 hour After I reach 9 players


Yea… F5 is pretty important for the NK.


Looks at myself Rolling Knight after SCP FM,where i basically started a TK thunderdome