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[FoL] FoL 19 - XoXo An Error has occured - Re-Rolling In New Thread


do you think geyde is scum rn


More like you convert me into a loss because our Assassin attacks immune people and Ek


:^) I’m not sorry


Don’t be I rather die by your side then live being aganist you


Let the ship sail.

I am totally matchmaking you two tonight.

Maid = Ships


I always play TOL in call with my good friend and we try and keep everything secret and the funniest shit is when we slowly realize we are both scum together or one of us kills the other and we get pissed at eachother


Easily his lack of posting makes me think its Geydes scum AI


HAHAHA, normally when we play ToL… We are really silent in vc until n1 when he jails me and asks for claim because he knows what i claim when im evil




Because we always name out self’s the same thing <3


Everytime I just claim chrono and it usually gets me caught since they are like the easiest to fake atm in tol


I mean, I’m your favorite


when I am scum in tol I always fakeclaim prince


You definitely are ill protecc you my lover


Do u claim bugged arrow also




Irony or thruth? Because this is a legit strat




I claim Princess


confirmed MM
/vote cupcake