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[FoL] FoL 19 - XoXo An Error has occured - Re-Rolling In New Thread


General Gameplay Information

2nd Host is Geyde


  1. Follow the Global Forum Rules
  2. If you haven’t posted content in 36 hours, you’ll be prodded for inactivity. If you don’t respond to that prod in 12 hours, you will be force replaced.
  3. No private messaging others in the game about the game.
  4. Do not quote private host messages
  5. Don’t throw the game. This includes any form of intent to make you or your faction lose
  6. Refrain from posting so many times in a row.
  7. Players are not allowed to use big letters. These are reserved for the host.
  8. Please add links in the main post to every notable event (FoL Events)
  9. You are allowed to leave the game but doing it will net you a temporary blacklist meaning you can’t join a forum of lies for a while. Further leaving may net with a permanent blacklist
  10. Lets all have fun and play together!
  11. Do not edit or delete made posts.
  12. Do not like posts in a thread if you are dead in that game.


  • Days last 72 hours, or until a majority is reached for execution. Nights last 24 hours.
  • All actions must be sent to the mod.
  • Unseen/Cult will talk through a special Discord server or forum message.
  • The priest will speak with the dead through a separate Discord server or forum message.
  • All classes will be used and will be used as they are found in the Class Cards Thread.


  • To accuse someone say “/accuse [player]” or “/vote [player]”
  • Should the votes reach the majority, that player will be executed and the day will end.

Picking a New King

  • If there are less than 4 players a new king will not be selected.
  • When the king dies a 12 hour period starts. In this, players may vote in their class PM for who they want to become the next king.
  • Whoever receives the most votes in this period will be crowned king. If votes are tied, a king election will be held the next day to determine it.

Action Results

Feedback List


  • PM the host what you want on your journal. When you die, the last update to your journal will be revealed to everyone


King (65% Good, 35% Evil / Devout)
Mastermind/Cult Leader
Assassin/Random Cult
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon / Random Neutral Non-Killer
Random Neutral Non-Killer
Neutral Killer



  1. Meteoro
  2. Margaret :crown:
  3. Priestess
  4. Soulshade
  5. CuteAlch
  6. Frostwolf
  7. Hjasik
  8. Maxwell
  9. Alice
  10. Mathblade
  11. Sam17z
  12. DatBird
  13. Cupcakeaj2
  14. Ezrealoflaw
  15. Isaac
  16. Bazinga


  1. Lightsin
  2. Insanity


  1. Solic
  2. MaximusPrime
  3. Firekitten

Important Links:

Start of D1


Gimme NK


Waz, um, you sure there’s not too many games?


Exactly what I said


Geyde’s one is about to end lol.


There are tons of miscs going on right now, and SCP FM is fairly close to the end.


2 of them to be exact.


After that ends this will be the only FM/FoL game up.


People may focus more on miscellaneous games tbh


Why should there even be a limit to FM games in this sit


People wont join too many games and then everyone will be sad




So game will fill consistently.


I mean ppl won’t join games more just because there are less games


This is the fourth game right now.

SCP - Estimated to end by 20/03/2019

SCP (Magnus) - Estiamted to end by Some time in april idk.


and people will join less games cause there are more


They will join just as much as they did before or even more if there is something that catches their interest more


If the problem is that players will be split up on games that will just make them join games with more people to be able to start it




No they won’t. There’s 10 games of forum mafia during the exact time. They, hopefully, won’t join all of them