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[FoL] FoL 19.5 - GAME END - The Blue Dragon are Victorious!


meant to quote this guy


This is more what he thinks of each player rather then a mod rant


Because baz was likely scum I rather not Debauch them into Prince.

Also Alice wasn’t really a good kill target lol, if I was scum I’d go for myself or King.


Me debbing baz just confirmed they couldn’t be anything but Assassin if I debbed them but Alice didn’t die that would make it safe for me to make them target Prince the next day


Debbing Baz into Marg would have been a good idea though.
Problem with debbing Baz into Alice is … if Baz is not the Assassin, the Assassin might have attacked Baz, and on this way both Baz would have died as Phys and Marg would have died due to bleed.


Well I have game-solved pretty much, just I am not exactly the guy who stick with the plans/bad memory. FPSing too much, did FK mention?


Baz was 90% scum lol


Then happy houring him would have been better though.


No it wouldn’t it wouldn’t confirm anything


Priestess I find it very funny how your calling me out on a missplay when you randomly claim court wizard confusing everyone when it wasn’t needed

You can argue that I played “Badly” but I was strongly pushing on Cupcake and baz and I was the one who found baz out to be 100% scum.


Why is it that human beings get so defensive when criticized about something they can do better

I mean, I do the same thing but still.


Because we all assume that we are right lil


Well… the game would have ended.

It was not my intent to call it a misplay.

I just fake outted as CW because Marg fake outted me as such, and well the game was already solved so I thought, lets confuse everyone a bit and see if I can make them believe it.



Nah I felt like people where acting like I played horribly because I didn’t deb a likely scum into Prince, just in case we had another unseen member


Hey hey hey, calm down, I had no intent or reason to attack your play o.O


I agree with you though that if I had thought about this more I should have realized chances of a fool with me in the game were very small and I should not have outed and just pushed a drunk defense. I also should have been more active such as to notice there had not been another convert and as such a killer being alive the night after I outed was impossible.


Fun Fact: If Soul had HH’d Baz it would’ve been a no-dead BD game which would’ve been fun.


Funfact we would have won either way :^)