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[FoL] FoL 19.5 - GAME END - The Blue Dragon are Victorious!


That’s false? :thinking: Who told you that?


Not sure. I’d have to go back and look. I know that was said and others went with it though which made me think I would have been jailed and killed even if I had not outed and posted a defense to the prince.


That was a reaction test then. If you’re not sure about a mechanic, you should always ask the hosts in the future. :slight_smile: We are happy to provide the answers, because losing based on not knowing mechanics is not the way we want players to lose.


I didn’t realize it was a reaction test and believed it when it was said. Should have thought about it some more it seems.


I also failed to use day abilities for two days which was another blunder.


There is quite a lot of lying about game mechanics here, so it’s no wonder.


But I am




I think it’s time for my mod-rant.


Fine okay.


@Meteoro - Okay, first of all, why did you change your claim from Squire? Squire is a solid claim for these type of games and your MM decided to take it, too bad there was no more claim space. Also, why did everyone claim Fool in dead chat.
Margaret - Hat’s off to you, I don’t have much to say, apart from you forgetting to do anything Day 2, to be fair though it was a quick day.
Priestess - What… what? First of all you wasted a telepathy just saying “reeeee” and then linked Margaret 2 nights for no reason.
@Soulshade55r - Revived, revived… revived… I don’t know if Baz was lynched due to you debbing them into Alice but Baz was visiting Alice. Also, why would you deb a Physician AWAY from the bleeding player?
CuteAlch :crown: - Didn’t have much wrong with your plays honestly.
Frostwolf - (Not his fault) Suspicious for existing. Would’ve had the game, game-solved if they were not occupied N4. Even though the game was basically game-solved anyway.
H_Hjasik - N1 dead Assassin killed by both Possessor and Hunter, unlucky man here but nothing he did was wrong.
@Maxwell - What? Why did you out your role? I get to out Carnage but D3 there wont be any Assassins unless a Fool or Poss killed one and was a fake Assassin, even though outing yourself would’ve been a big mistake no matter what.
Alice - There wasn’t much you could do wrong as Priest as Priest is just a wrong class.
Mathblade - Suspicious for existing.
Firekitten - In dead chat, honestly was annoying. Claimed they were Good King multiple times annoying Alice, that part was funny. Everyone claimed Fool while he claimed Possessor changed him? Or something around that. Also he accidentally game-solved the game in dead chat. If he was still alive and Good King this game would’ve probably ended D3/D4.
DatBird - Outed as Assassin to Prince… as the Fanatic? Perhaps actually defend yourself?
@Cupcakeaj2 - Changed your convert target from a great convert (Alice), honestly not your fault, kinda Solic’s for saying you need to put a slash and bold it, no idea why you changed your convert target though
Ezrealoflaw - Didn’t do bad honestly this game, great first game.
@Isaac_Gonzalez - Constantly claiming Fool in dead chat was funny.
@Bazingaboy - Suspicious for existing, they were Phys until N3, they were sussed way before that though and no idea why you bled Margaret? That would’ve got you guarenteed killed.
@Solic - Great co-host. Would definitely recommend if you ever want to host an FoL, if you’re inactive he’ll try his best to be active and help you out limiting as many mod-errors as possible and a great guy to work with.
@Geyde - Great co-host also, except, you might want to run things by another mod sometimes Geyde. Also a great guy and will try his best to be active even if you are not active.


That’s not true. That doesn’t influence a decision in the slighest and I have been consistent with saying that to every player.


The game was already solved d4, so I used my abilities only for confirming myself. Of course I link the prince for that, since he’s unconvertable. A “mystic meta” mystic is linking the prince each night for the same reason - confirmation. Since everyone was outted already, there was no point in linking for claims.
What else could I have done?


I thought Isaac or met had been fool meaning there would have been at least one killer alive. As I said before I had reason to believe I would have been jailed regardless and I sincerely doubted my chances of defending myself because I failed a reaction test.


I kind of knew I would have been jailed either way and really didn’t believe any defense would have worked had I outed myself or not, and if there was a killer at that time, outing the carnage would have been worth it.


I knew prince was going for me again night 3 no matter what I did, I was confident a successful defense was impossible, and I strongly felt there may have been a killer still alive.
Carnage is also basically useless if you don’t out it.


No idea tbh

Creating chaos and doubt




I agree

Mystic at that point only exists to continue confirming themselves

Since she wouldve gone straight to assassin, linking me every night was a good choice as it left no room for susp5


Okay so why are you ranting about me trying to play the game :face_with_raised_eyebrow: