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[FoL] FoL 19.5 - GAME END - The Blue Dragon are Victorious!


But I like this more


Alright good job meteoro he’s not a spy


You don’t know until you try it. There is a huge variety of games hosted typically.


Yeah Priestess forced me to join. Even tho I wanted it myself too xd


A new incarnation of FoL will likely only be hosted after the new Blue dragon killer competition is over.


that’s going to take forever though


Put me on the queue for a later FoL


As in you want to host it? :thinking:




This looks like a job for me


You can host it with Meteoro, like I did with Wazza here, so we get some more experienced hosts out there.


I mean host SFoL


Dm me a link if someone is hosting one of these again


I’ll let you know :slight_smile:





But you forgot I was occupied N3 and appararently N4 on different result.

So no, when I had a chance to speak on your jail about that, you have to be braindead not to listening me.

My intuition on Baz being converted is on point since I already explained on detail so BD will have no heals.


GG guys.
Going forward outing as warlock to reveal use of carnage probably isn’t worth it. But I was pretty sure I was dead to prince anyways since I claimed drunk and didn’t realize drunk was OCC immune but warlock was not. Also I was jailed twice and targeted the wrong person night 2 (Priestess) who didn’t have a targetable ability.


There is no way to detect occupy immunity here. See the host feedback guide linked in the OP. Offensives like Butlers/Drunks do not get that feedback here.

My advice is to not give up so quickly. You could have backtracked the day after and said you were a protective faking warlock, so that you could catch out anyone trying to protect the Prince.


I was told earlier a jailed drunk could still make a night action on the night they are jailed.


That makes literally no sense…