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[FoL] FoL 19.5 - GAME END - The Blue Dragon are Victorious!


Nah that’s more town sided then anything


12v4 is only balanced if everyone’s given a detonator to the person in front of them


no it isn’t, we literally have statistics


From where?


Let me grab orange to yell at people


But I do agree that 12v4 as a general concept is scumsided

9v2 I think is balanced but I think others say otherwise? And by others I mean FK/orange

I’m not sure


12/3 is good I think cause that’s 20% scum 80% town

Which I think is the ideal mix


Make Prince have 4 Jails, one exe doesn’t protect not occ immune and convertable then talk to me that it should be rng


12 v 4 is the forumula for role madness games I think


not mountainous


Nah fam 12 v 3 isn’t good fam


Also Soul, you can easily make a lot of changes, swap the theme and play it like SFoL if you want to as well.



Do you think 12v3 is scumsided, townsided, or ideal?


Wow how did we lose wtf?!




Someone is cheating there’s no way I could lose this game



What people don’t realize is that they think 2 v 9 is balanced when in reality it isn’t but people can’t grasp the concept since it seems easy


You were obviously robbed.


Maybe if you healed me you would have won


looks at Celeste being prince again

Thats where you got robbed