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[FoL] FoL 19.5 - GAME END - The Blue Dragon are Victorious!


They can still kill about 3 people and occupy the player

But at least anti-bd Neut can still stop the prince from executing


its 4 pm


Nuuu liar liar pants on fire its 8:30


also I told a lot of lies about what me soul and math have talked about before

Basically, my plan was to get Alice to confirm themselves by saying things only me and math know or only me and soul know, however I lied a lot about like souls favorite number or even games you talked about making it false

My plan was for Alice to think I’m an idiot and use everything I said in dead chat to just have a conversation with the other evils as proof they were a priest, however you would have tunneled them knowing that we never talked about it



It would be a good enough nerf but would likely still need a bigger nerf


Yeah I did, doesn’t mean it has to work in reverse


Can I have a link? Mobile?


i chew my ice cream (im sorry)


Uh how about we nerf Prince so it’s usefulness isn’t too much


efol slides in


That eliminates his function to discourage massclaiming.


Making it lose occupy immunity is the only thing it needs, this class is really needed in a game with conversion



that’s more like a side effect that no one cares about since this game is based on conversion tbh


Its 3pm here screeeeee


Heavy reworks and crap is needed imo

But I love Fol standard it’s fun.


But I’ll post signups today




Mastermind barely discourages massclaims

Prince only encouraged massclaims


Have to agree with marg

We could do a 12cit v 4 maf game then we will have “true” balance


no you wouldn’t that’s a scum sided setup