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[FoL] FoL 19.5 - GAME END - The Blue Dragon are Victorious!


Well you also rolled all uniques. :smile:

They are being looked at fyi.


Also it’s hard to judge if a class is powerful due to scum playing awful


This setup could have been a scum stomp if they actually played well


Prince HAS to be nerfed
Or, RNG’d

Any of these would give scum more opportunities and would significantly actually make King more useful


despite the uniques


Better yet just don’t allow me to roll Hunter

Anytime I have rolled hunter I have foiled scum plans D1 by bearing. Maybe that’s the broken thing?


king isn’t even meant to be prince


It’s peobably passive being removed


Possessor also killed Hjas N1, so your bear only saved your life effectively.


Making Prince into a one kill and jail only occupies and allows you to question the target.


Still powerful but not completely horse shit broken


it’s an conversion game and I’m telling you scum will stomp without a prince


King and Prince are quite literally the same class

But one has an execute

And the other has a day execute




Having a strong unique power class discourages massclaim. It’s a good design imo.


If Prince dies n1 then scum win that’s not balanced either


kidnapper slides in


I highly disagree, scum only win when BD plays badly. Scum literally killed themselves


How about this, remove Prince’s occupy immunity instead.


Prince isn’t your only pr