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[FoL] FoL 19.5 - GAME END - The Blue Dragon are Victorious!


Ping me if a cohost is needed


also I like how I got ridiculously lucky with there being a possessor who confirmed my Alibi


I think you need to make a Fol balance team or a suggestion area


I mean they supported and confirmed what actually happened


We have one and the suggestion thread is just the FoL changes thread.



I want a vote to make Prince not guaranteed

Its basically just confirmed king and is very swingy depending on the player

And isnt useful for most players and is actually hurtful if in the hands of a bad player


No please no




stares at Prince x Phys combo

And scum cant kill Prince unless they basically openwolf


Do some polls un the changes thread


Feel free to make any votes you wish, you don’t need to ping me for it.


Make it not occupy immune, but it’s NEEDED in the game


Prince randomly spawning makes it horribly rng dependent on bds wins

The whole idea of balance is making a set up not massively one sided



Look at any scum winning game

Prince dies early.

Look at any town winning game.

Prince lives long.

Prince is unbalanced as hell and super swingy. Having it random spawn at least gives scum of winning and can be one more fakeclaim for scum LOL


Remove it then


That works :slight_smile:


I hate being sure you’re evil and not being able to prove it. Nice job doing my arcanist bit


This was actually balanced game since all non killing neutrals were against BD with two conversions and evil king, BD still triumph.


Either one side is going to have a advantage

I can think of ways to nerf Prince but people won’t like it


honestly I actually forgot I was evil king in that thread tbh