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[FoL] FoL 19.5 - GAME END - The Blue Dragon are Victorious!


It’s just spooky

Also randomly spawns


I agree in a sense but it’s more balanced then having priest spawn not convertable

Priest shouldn’t be standard lmao


I want to start a vote

For the making of Prince becoming convertible


also let’s make this an argument here


No bleeds D1

Y or No




But seriously Marg.

Wtf are you thinking making a fake story as reactiontest.

I don’t respond well to idiotism in general.


Bleeds day 1


Also a suggestion limit bleeds to 3


Bleeding day one is silly if the person could be on your team

I think bleeding kitten by scum was the beginning of the end.

You did an excellent setup for me to bear though so it’s 50/50


Enjoy your laugh if you did.




I have to make atleast one person rage when Im Prince

And I didnt get my 3rd execute off like normal


Fpsing is like drinking, it’s nice the first couple of times but you will regret it terribly if you do it too much

I’m 15 so I think this sums up drinking without having done it


No limit bleed and d0 bleed allow


Anyone hosting any standard Fol I’m in the mood for some more :frowning:


I was considering this change already without a healer being guaranteed actually. Thank you for the suggestion.


Perhaps that’s it.

Still I am trying to throw out many bad suggestions as possible until there is one truth left.


Closes I can get to Tol while my laptop is broke


We will probably ship some changes and start up another one.


Which Marg didn’t consider and claimed thr price too early