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[FoL] FoL 19.5 - GAME END - The Blue Dragon are Victorious!


And Priest dying if whoever he resses dies.


Not necessary here


Priest is a power role that is convertable.




Prince being convertable would be just as bad imo


Yes, yes changes are in order like probably at end of every FoL, but the Blue Dragon deserved this victory over the scum here, so I’m quite happy with the outcome of this game.


I want Prince convertable or Prince removed


How about not making Prince guaranreed spawn?


I think it’s easy to say nerf priest but people gotta realize that nerfing priest and judging its balance is hard



That’s horrible


But then that makes Prince basically instaloss for scum if it spawns


That’s not great, because Prince is a powerclass severely better than something like a Knight, so that increases swing.


What was death knight


Bassically making classes like Prince random spawn chance is swingy crap


Prince is needed in a conversion game




A Revived Player that can coldsteel and guard once for each ability. Then dies.


Clearly you weren’t budding me at all and my paranoia was completely irrational /s


Being convertable isn’t justification for making the single strongest non-Prince class in the entire setup.


I wanted to form a town bloc :frowning: