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[FoL] Experimental Forum of Lies 2 ReDux - Unseen, Warlock, and Scorned win!




Because then we get another lynch


you could make royal execution make it so the king only has 1 vote that day


i.e. king would have 3 votes max


Or prince gets another jail exe…


Prince won’t yolo it since it has more risk also doesn’t give info from wagons at all


Yes, it does, scum was generally on board with jail exe as that is objectively the better choice for them. :smile:

Jailing also occupies and gets rid of KPN if you don’t jail the convert.

Plus Squid would be indebted to you instead of literally being forced to go after someone that is still town.


Can’t have info from wagons if ones don’t exist

And lynch kills so it also gets rid of KPN that’s like saying that instead of day lynches you would rather have prince on your side

She is not indebted she would most likely side with NK because neuts also there may have been scum on met wagon so she would be also indebted to them by your logic


Wagons for ideas exist too.

Except a mislynch is more costly than a townie spending a night in jail.

She is more indebted than literally being against town in her win condition. Town generally still dictates lynches early game, so she’d be more inclined to be for them. She vocalized this in her classcard too.


That would work much less effective because of inactivity + ppl not taking it seriously and already settling on lynch
Also jail == lynch it doesn’t hurt as much so isn’t as good info provider as lynch

There is chance to lynch scum too it’s like playing game and trading day lynch for jail

I can’t know what she says in classcard also town has majority in any case at early stages and it much depends on her reads how she votes not to say that she is not motivated to gamesolve by wincon or doesn’t even have to side with us 100%


I feel like you already agree with me, so I’m just going to stop arguing about it here.




How tf does that make sense you can’t answer my argument so you just say yea I think you agree with me so I just won’t answer them or what?


If I was town i would have made sure met was lynched d2.

Squid is pretty loyal and town would have just had a night immune extra vote.


Scorned loses night immunity upon winning.



Even so still better for town imo


I feel like perhaps the game shouldn’t get to a state so early on where Unseen can openly communicate with neutrals about how to end the game.

Just an outsiderly perspective.


I was about to do that on n2. I would have executed Isaac in jail since I sucessfully scumread him. Not lynching Met d2 was not helpful, since I would have not executed him in the night.


This all felt just like trying to find a reason to screw the neut over who is trying to help us.


So you could have jail exed met and lynched isaac? Same thing with less risk