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[FoL] Experimental Forum of Lies 2 ReDux - Unseen, Warlock, and Scorned win!


Warlock fanatic devil EK + cult


no u


Isaac would’ve lost with this.

Not very Neut Elder of you.


Warlock is not neut


Isaac doesnt count as neut boi. He was evil


Excuses Excuses for wanting them to lose.


Yes, also like I said before, I only had to help one neut win


I mean your faction wanted to vote Gamer up. It’s not surprising, he’d turn against you…


Hey, hey, No false accusations. I was only against them because they were against Squid.


Why does Marge’s focus on a claimvig make me think she is one…

Aah wrong thread.


Wrong chat


Imo this new King feels too strong without trials.

BD played poorly but having the game almost locked down at 11 players left seems kinds bullshit.


Lynching Met D2 would be good.


Definitely too OP.


Meant the Royal Execution, just included Royal Pardon with it because they share uses.


Already explained why lynching met day 2 isn’t best move


I don’t know what I would have done as Town, but all the scums voted for jail and exe


You were wrong about that in my opinion. You totally alienated Squid for no reason. Lynching Met day 3 is wayyy worse, because that just frees up a convert slot.


I wanted to lynch met d3 which didn’t happen. So I saved insanity for a frost convert


Jail exe was the right choise