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[FoL] Experimental Forum of Lies 2 ReDux - Unseen, Warlock, and Scorned win!


Maybe if Phys got a day ability that increased the potential of their heal to do another night or maybe empowers the person they healed that night, maybe it would be different


Do nothing or slank:

The Insanity Special


For Drunk,
Person: Oh. I rolled Drunk. The worst Royal Blood class.
Game: Hey, Princess is still bad.
Princess: Atleast I got a buff.
Person: Damn you. Redirects people they dont like into King or other people they don’t like.
Game: Oh, we need a drunk to happy hour Mastermind for Knight (totally will happen in every damn game and totally not replaced by Prince)
Person: …Happy Hours with a sad violin noise
Enlightened Thinkers: Isn’t Drunk just Butler but worse


Maybe if Drunk got to permanently disable passives, and not just immunities, Happy Hour might actually be useful. Otherwise, allowing Drunk to day redirect or make immune to redirected deaths at night (since they’ll basically be outted anyways with someone with a respectable log. If they are popular, they get healed anyways, if they aren’t popular, no one cares to attack them anyways.)


Even if this was a day ability that is like 2 uses, it still makes Drunk more fun because people would actually risk way more


For Butler,
Person: Damn, I rolled Butler. Guess I’m poisoning the King as fast as possible.
Game: You basically have to.
Actual important Classes ingame: Oh, I’m occupy immune, sorry! Can’t be useful today! (Butler is basically anti-town honestly, they do more damage to town than to Unseen, Cult is iffy.)
Butler: Uses ability
King: Oh. I’m King, I need heals while I guard X player. Doesn’t even know got poisoned
Lazy Physicians: Heals King every night for no reason. I was kinda already doing that


Butler is one of those classes where its impossible to buff as its such a limited niche.

Honestly. Maybe a day occupy that occupies a person for the cycle so the Butler can lock down the game sometimes when they arent 100% sure



Why doesnt EVERY class have a special ability that empowers their main ability

And CW can replenish uses of it


So I am one of the butlers that does not mindlessly poison the king and even hardcarried win for BD at FoL10.


Added to noob list


Someone call Isaac




I mean Margeret you sabotaged the only sheriff claim here, which is guaranteed, that had also found a convert, which started openwolfing. And then you tried to redirect a vanilla goon with no actions.

Most scenarios with BD winning relied on your abilities having impact still. You would have won, had you redirected Frost to Hippo that last night.

I think Drunk doesn’t need changes.


Did try to lynch that convert on multiple occasions


Your kind words do mean much to me. No worries.


Dont worry Priestess

BD played just as bad as when MM claimed Prince, got put on trial, claimed Phys that was trying to keep Prince alive, never got jailed, prince died a night later, no Unseen deaths


Wait… so Marg wasn’t Fool?


No shiet


Margaret got Fool!


No, they weren’t. We’d probably have intervened with 3 relatively scumsided neuts and an evil king roll. I think Geyde even rolled that before, but I didn’t do the rolls, so I don’t know.