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[FoL] Experimental Forum of Lies 2 ReDux - Unseen, Warlock, and Scorned win!


Btw thx for the best horror moment of the last weeks ^^


Hippo carry


Can I ping everyone to unvote me fast enough to not get wrecked by the EK … then Hippo already started to type.


The point stands that this outcome was worse though, since it’s better to at least have an outed evil king then.

Nevertheless I think you played fine and I’ve said so maybe only in host chat.


it was my fault you got lynched the first time. Im so sorry


Sorry guys.

Didn’t play well this time .-.


You didnt play well at all this time.




If priestess jailed and exed meteoro N3 I believe that bd could have won

@H_Hjasik you only knew the scum team because frost outed me and himself.


no it doesn’t matter if there’s ek

ek is just too powerful

met was found as n1 convert yet unsen still won, and starting mm was lynched like d2/d3 so


that would require a rework of many classes then


it did nothing, really, so nothing actually happened or was really influenced

since there was at least 1 confirmed noble anyway


Rework Phys
Rework Drunk
Rework Butler
Rework Court Wizard

All these classes are “useful” but incredibly unfun


fuck i was right that he was scum but he was lich



Not butler! It’s the best class ever


That was on purpose. What are you talking about


also rework lich if prince jails gets turned into a night ability


That wont happen probably


if prince jail gets turned into a night ability tho everyone is just gonna metagame/angleshoot it tbh

especially if it’s margaret


My opinion on Phys

Person: Oh. I rolled Physician. Damn.
Game: Ha! NERD.
Person: Self-Cares until someone claims bleeding and then turns into a game of doing the same action over and over on the same exact person