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[FoL] Experimental Forum of Lies 2 ReDux - Unseen, Warlock, and Scorned win!


Which was the reason for my play d1 and d2 at first place.


By the way for the truly mad, Priestess did submit an action to jail, but it was past hammer, so we could not count it.


It wouldn’t have worked anyway


But uh, thanks for N1 jail - it has been a very long time.

That is like, my second time?


Haha, I wasn’t sure if I could answer you as prince without revealing myself.


Which have been two years since


It is solid play NOT to reveal that I got jailed - meaning scum won’t able to kill or do kill me since I revealed not to be Prince.

Which is bad for town unless there’s proof to their accusations/lolreactiontesting


Yeah, I didn’t want to put you in my logs.


And while I did at one point mentioned Gamerpoke did visit me N2 and caught him redhanded when he send fake logs.

My intuition is at point as always


n1. Priestess jails Priest
n2. Priest revives Priestess


Yes, you made me no choice but to use it.

If I didn’t use binding soul, I would have lost the game with BD - who knows.


Every time I’ve been jailed n1 prince has died


2/2 for that


I was probably a very good boy since FoL2 that I haven’t being N1 jailed for two years straight.


So yes, only few FoL veterans left.




Will you host another game?




If needed I could bring some new players in, I guess.


Yay we won