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[FoL] Experimental Forum of Lies 2 ReDux - Unseen, Warlock, and Scorned win!


And perhaps occupy/redirect immune when 2 live.


I’d say that current Lich is extremely reliant on having a strong start


Also add the denotation that BOTH phylacteries must be alive for them to be ressed to the card. Current one is confusing


They almost need to play like a jester, because they cannot be jailed either when lynched, since they “revive start of night”


Their black fog should also make the players conversion immune tbh


Gamerpoke attacking immunes 3 times straight was quite funny.


Why exactly?


Gamer only had a single attack that actually changed anything over the course of the game


I think it was also a really poor choice of both Squid and Gamer to side with unseen on the Priestess lynch, but maybe it was inevitable.


I’ll think about my logic for a bit.


It wasn’t inevitable.

The wagon on Met would not have gone through regardless due to scum’s intervention

I misread



Priestess played fine.


Yes, she did peg Isaac correctly as scum.


Clarified the Lich card at least.


Basically my idea to execute Isaac.


Did I win that one?


Claiming Prince would not have saved me, since I got upped already and EK has 4 votes. In fact we were 1 vote away from lynching Meteoro d2, what would have been the right play in my opinion.
Was quite painful to see the toxicity, it was so bad that tbh I didnt want to be revived.


It wouldn’t have saved you, but it would have outed Hippo as evil king.


And actually it might have saved you if you had pinged everyone on your wagon and they would unvote before hippo could get there.


I was pretty convinced a lot of scum voted Priestess to lynch, I wasn’t wrong