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[FoL] Experimental Forum of Lies 2 ReDux - Unseen, Warlock, and Scorned win!


People throught It was NK


That could work, but the problem is that they would become considerably better as a result of knowing the flip and being able to react to it.


True enough.


I’m queuing up an SFoL at the moment to try to experiment with massive changes across the board


I’d say minus king changes that EFoL 2 was a complete success


I like the way Unseen have to be neutralized this game

That the starting assassin is their weakest link of the group, you kill them and there won’t be a new MM.


Hey Solic


I am pretty sure there were zero votes cast on Hippo even though EK is apparently so powerful (I agree, but still)


That’s because going for potential EK is an extremely dangerous idea.

It lets the evils roam around for another day.


Heres my problem with that

I knew there was no chance of me becoming King which meant that a King change wouldve resulted in nothing anyways


So just ignore it…?


That’s why Butler is so damn good


And you can’t just ignore it because of its voting power


Hippo played p good so he didn’t get voted in earlygame


EK IS an evil by the way.


You know what I mean


I would say that this game is almost proof trials need to remain to be honest.


I think it’s a structural problem inherent to neuts and rng based rolls


King could revert and be less problematic. Priestess wouldn’t have been hammered like that if there had been trials. I am fairly sure.


BD should be punished though for having that many votes on somebody when it comes down to what was happening. Rolling back king so they can’t do bullshit would be more fair.