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[FoL] Experimental Forum of Lies 2 ReDux - Unseen, Warlock, and Scorned win!


I agree with you all the way, Maximusprime.


“But Scorned is anti-town bla bla bla”


He was left to prince since 2 kills made by BD>1 kill


That’s why I’m planning to roll back King in general

Since King alone could quickhammer with 15 players alive at 4 votes


that in no way made sense and lynching priestess was a bad idea especially after they basically outed as prince with that hunter fps?

also the fact that i checked them n1 as NS


Okay, that is new.


They didnt out as prince they claimed hunter to the end


nerf king massively but hopefully make him not boring and make it so twilight is extended so prince can still jail in case bd is dumb and quickhammers in an hour or something


yeah that’s what i meant

hunter fps can only mean prince


It does since other option is like Leacing out additional lynch


Or scum claiming hunter


uh no cause i checked them n1 as ns

also you could’ve lynched someone else

also also it clearly didn’t work out if we lost


scum wouldn’t do that cause if they were to wolf then they can only be assassin or hunter and if i checked them n1 then they CAN’T be assassin

that or they are prince

cause they knew i checked them n1


One time that didn’t work was from Margaret because at that time, she got redchecked as BD on during Return of the blue dragon 2.


And she claimed Poacher and said I am scorned, excuse you - at that time Unseen (uninformed majority) said that we should keep the NK alive.


So I fought to get Margaret lynched after NK is on trial and pardoned, damn that felt good.




That’s BD’s fault.

Also slows down the game considerably if I were to allow an extended twilight phase.


Could be NK or MM also I forgot about the Check tbf


You can change Prince so they jail during the night, like a Mystic link.