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[FoL] Experimental Forum of Lies 2 ReDux - Unseen, Warlock, and Scorned win!


In the end, my goal was just to help neuts win which I did accomplish


Lol nice try, a puppet that can’t do any action at all


Honestly I would have no actioned.


:frowning: soulcatcher op


I would have outed Sam either way if I wasn’t converted.


Given the list what’s left, Priest is the only sensible convert option at that time.


…you seriously thought I didn’t revived the prince?

Heck I revived two people, both from BD and Unseen version


I thought u revived as priest


If I had one soul collected, I would be pretty much invincible.


Apparently, a Priest can’t cure stupidity.


but did unseen know there was a warlock?

i also don’t get why marg didn’t redirect frost when a quicklynch happened and priestess wasn’t able to jail

all in all this game was pretty bad w/o trials cause prince being able to jail is SUPER swingy also cause bd were dumb

also scorned could have sided with bd…??


You don’t get infomation from this. I think reads are perm screwed up that day if someone outs a locked scum.


I mean, I tried to, but BD kept on rejecting me day by day


oh wait hippo was ek nvm


i tried to help you

but bd were dumb af


appealing to neuts is always a good idea but nooo no one fucking did anything and just let me die in vain


Not if he was immideatly put out of lynch pool wich should have happened


soulcatcher + ek is 4 votes + 2 from assassin and mm is pretty op tbh

and that’s only from unseen


No if we want actual good association reads max waits till near end of day to out the scum and to ask people
Who town read meteor and who scumreads them. However I don’t fault him.


During I get to revive someone from the graveyard that becomes puppet? It cannot be redirected.

But at least Gamerpoke got what he wanted, which I am sad.


Lockscum: exists

BD: Nah let’s lynch the Prince instead

like hello? i correctly guessed that met would be converted and y’all did NOTHING