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FoL Changes Thread


@Geyde_bot is your new friend now


would have been funnier if it was named eevee bot



The dead stay dead


Exactly orange. Exactly.


I wonder if anyone got the irony in that statement


Not even YOU got the irony in that statement


But I do, I’m going to assasinate him as well


I voted to keep fool


Implying that I gave up my amiable pursuits is the greatest farce you could ever utter in your minute existence.
Unleash thy blade, knave!


And you question why I’m no longer planning to return post-race


Neuts will remove geyde instead


Orange nu, don’t go








Neutrals are fun
Neutrals are friends, not food


Friends are food


I was planning to leave along with everybody else anyways

The fact that some people stopped planning to go elsewhere doesn’t change that.

This is just another reason.


Who should stay on the forum?

  • orange
  • Fool

0 voters


I voted Fool

It’s clearly wanted more and I was leaving anyways.