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FoL Changes Thread


This was a great test to see who has the right to balance fol, anyone who voted yes on fool staying is automatically bad


I’d appreciate it if you kept private arguments private. If I’d want to represent my stance here in detail, I would.



Argument of same weight


Lol why not tell him that in private too


I may or may not have been steaming after that comment
To be fair I’ve tried to pass my fair amount of shitty ideas


Like that new social BD We discussed on our PM?


Araki Forgot


The one that can gladiate 3 people at same time only


The Priest :shield:

Blue Dragon Support
Call of The Dead (Passive) - You can talk to the dead.
Religious Fervor (Passive) - You are immune to death at night.
Bind Soul (Day) - At the start of the game, you are assigned a soulmate randomly. You will die if your soulmate dies bypassing everything. Target player will replace your soulmate. - Infinite Uses.
Revive (Night) - The target dead nonunique Blue Dragon player will be brought back to life and become your soulmate. Bind Soul and Religious Fervor are disabled upon using this ability. In addition, your soulmate will die if you die bypassing everything. You are immune to occupation and redirection while using this ability. - 1 use
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

This is a personal design on what a reworked Priest would look like. It has confirmability at a cost, making the resurrected and the Priest linked and killing either would kill the other. It can no longer revive Prince (nerf), but it can talk to the dead at any time (small buff with getting dead invest intel sooner for instance). It also unburdens the host from having to remove/add Priest which requires mod powers.

Alternatively we can add the idea that priest chat dead participants have to have been previous soulmates if it’d be too strong.

It makes the Priest have a lot more of an interactive decision at least in choosing who will likely not die at night and basing his survival on that.

This has some caveats with converts probably, but input is welcome.


I wanted to remove all neuts at one point


You said that you had intresting idea And wanted to discuss it with me


I suggested Fruit Vendor
The best role


It name was Mega Destroyer


Seems balanced I approve


Seems approved I balance


Please God do this


I will get hunted down and murdered if I try that


I mean

It wouldn’t work well for ToL/FoL

Like at all

But still lol


Geyde you went mad with power, I’m afraid I’m going to have to assassinate you now. Can you please stand still while I throw my knife at you?


We can still be friends :slight_smile:

As for @eevee