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FoL Changes Thread


It’s a hybrid vig/firebrand


Just like how chronomancer is a mix between a knight and a physician, this is just a fully fledged vigilante. It doesn’t have the defense abilities of a knight and it’s unfair to call this just a knight when it’s more focused on killing


That’s same as knight but better


That’s saying it’s overpowered, which can be fixed by nerfing it and making it more interactive. :confused:


Also knight dies while CSing BD, this one just becomes near vanilla.


I prefer my fools gone and my squires intact


Priest can be converted in wich case it would make both players evil


Fix that with a convert, not a Neutral that wants to die.


Seems Fool is still popular.


Seems people are fucking stupid here :roll_eyes:


And people want changes to Priest as is expected.


Actually pissed, thought y’all were better than this

Maybe I should go somewhere that doesn’t hand out free wins for no fucking reason




Ur opinion makes me want to die but you dont see me complaining about it.



I am going to make a poll between the most popular options (Rework / Merge)

  • Rework Priest (reduce power overall but keep theme)
  • Merge Priest / Squire

0 voters


Don’t worry. I’m with you here


I’m still anti-fool
It’s not a fun role to play or play against while also being mechanically uninteresting


This is what a merge would look like.


When one of your best strategies is to not post, that really doesn’t do your design any favors.

Solic tried arguing that modkills/replacements would balance this out but that’s besides the point.
You don’t balance around mod intervention