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FoL Changes Thread


If I were to merge Priest and Squire it would become something like a gravekeeper.

Forum Wrestling Federation’s Luchador is what the idea would be similar to.


How about I suppose a change for Priest?


Like, change it completely.



All ears for making it less disgusting


And by completely…
… I’m literally changing it completely.


Let me write it, it’s a Blue Dragon Social priest.


I swear we had a bunch of suggestions about changing priest a year or so back


I just realised how hard Social classes are.


I dunno if it was on this thread or not but there was a lot of cool ideas


If someone could dig those up it would be appreciated


I don’t think deadchat communication is very good design space since it fucks with flip changers


Originally I was going to do an investigative Priest honestly.




But look how many investigators we have.


Investigative Unique?
Miss me with that shit


it would be no longer unique.


I disagree, you still have to convince the Priest, you are actually what you say you are and that takes social deduction.


no I agree with Geyde.


In my FoL game, Priest was just being fucked around with…

…people were playing tic-tac-toe for crying out loud.


The priest i liked is the one where they have a night ability to visit ppl and if the person they visited dies that night or the following day only then do they get a personal chat with them after they die.

It changed some other stuff aswell but i liked that cuz it made priest weaker and more interactive/fun at the same time.