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FoL Changes Thread




Hell in LyLo the only way to win is 1 for 1s


Yes. One of them is balanced with PRs, one of them is unbalanced with PRs.

Orange, 9v2 is a Mountainous setup.


A bad one


Like 9v2 is mountainous if you want town to lose on purpose


Generally people balance Mountainous based on the assumption that the villagers should have the only mechanical advantage of sheer numbers.


Like I don’t think anyone has considered 9/2 mountainous even remotely balanced in years


i wouldn’t play it because having only 2 wolves in a vanilla setup is painful as hell


Honestly I disagree

It’s just that you’re loking at at least Scum*4+2 townies for mountainous, and probably more than that

Even 11v2 is still likely a bit scumsided

And take 12v3, the setup for Season 4 of the Championships - the Mafia won over 64% of the games. That’s a wide margin, especially considering the scumreading level in the championships should theoretically be higher than your average game.


I can’t even get a good equation fml


Long story short

Nobody accurately balances mountainous


we should rebalance the current setup by sending me :^)


Knights CS is 1for1
Expect Its better


I wasn’t arguing against the ability, merely against the idea that 1 for 1 trades aren’t BD-sided


I mean with conversions scum KPN is 2. With the NK alive it’s 3. Is Killing 1 scum at a time still viable under those circumstances?


Conversions are not 1 KPN what


Removing 1 town and adding 1 scum brings you 2 votes closer to victory. A Kill normally brings you 1 vote closer to victory. Thus each conversion is equivalent to 2 Kills (A better actually but the other benefits are harder to quantify). Since conversion is on a 1 night cooldown it means that (for the Unseen anyways) they have a 2 KPN overall, 1 KPN from conversion (2 every other night is 1 on average) and 1 from actual kills.


2 every other is 1 on average

But how often do the Unseen get a convert off every other night?

I’d argue that’s rare enough to make the equivalent KPN significantly lower.


So I have a question on this change. How does this work? So you target one of your scum buds and they die but not actually because they are death immune. Is it just a one night make ur partner death immune and seen as BD or is there something else going on. Mainly the faking the death thing is confusing me, even though its prob just flavor


That wasn’t changed. It was just updated to not just make it tailored against sheriff’s specifically and because of that buff the number of usages was lowered by 1.

It is just flavor.