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FoL Changes Thread


Also that law doesnt apply here


Make this happen




1f1 isn’t BD-sided




And you posted this because?


Because someone said that it is


So you reposted for visibility coincidentally when I had come on thread


I posted it before you did


But you saw my typing
Since I did see yours


My first comment on it was me saying no to Ici comments about it being BD sided after What I copypasted What I was reffering to



I see


1 for 1 is basically the definition of “BD-sided”





In the most basic sense

Lynching scum and losing a member at night is 1 for 1

And that is literally how you win games - making use of that 1 for 1


To be clear, it’s because the standard ratio is around 3 villagers to 1 wolf, and killing 1 wolf for 1 villager means that the ratio will tip slightly in favour of the villagers.


Conversions muck it up a little bit, so an “of Lies” 1 for 1 is not as good as a standard one

But it’s still good for BD


When I say slightly, of course, I mean VERY


Not really?

There’s a big difference between, say, 10 vs 3 and 9 vs 2