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FoL Changes Thread


The Fool

Blue Dragon Killing
Passive-Fooled-If you are lynched you can kill someone of your choosing. You are occupy and redirect immune.
Day Ability 1-Trollbox-Make a person look like they said something-Unlimited Uses
Night Ability 1-Frame-Make yourself show up as unseen/cult-2 uses
Night Ability 2-Hide-Prevent all visits to you tonight-2 uses


beautiful tbh




Orange idk why you said that looks like a fun and balanced class to me tbh






See normally I’d run with it but not this

Just no










I mean a class who’s mainly focused on getting themselves lynched seems like a fun idea right?


I don’t see ANY problem with a class who wants to get themself lynched


This isn’t meant to show the stupidity of fool


Ive already thought of making one for BD And I didnt like the conclusion


You don’t think getting yourself lynched is a fun and interactive class that takes a lot of skill?




When did I say Its not fun


Why didn’t you like the conclusion of a class meant to get themself hung then