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FoL Changes Thread



Time to stop derailing this thread I think.


I’ll stop detailing the thread when the next fol starts


Also I feel like some people are thinking people are mad at solic for no reason


I just use riots as a general term and not meant to express anger


Alright I’m kind of annoyed now

I do not hate solic. Wanting to over throw someone or riot is just a joke made to make people laugh.

this may be posted due to receiving a pm someone


When in doubt riot


I appreciate comments sticking up for me, but any further off-topic posts regarding this will be deleted. Take it to PM’s or the cookie thread or something if you want to discuss it publicly per say.


>Aaron Burr’s characterisation in Hamilton would like to know your location.


also i may not have any other power but I at least have the power to post at least 2 shitposts on this thread per day

bow down, fools :^)


Small additions to this post for completeness sake are that devout king targeting another devout king with Dark Gods Crown will bleed target player at some time during the day. Reaper does not gain bleed immunity and Lich only gains partial bleed immunity as long as one of his phylacteries is alive.

Classcards are now up to date.


I have a problem with this.

Why only 2 possible neutral non-killers?


Because most neutrals are scum-sided and having 3 possible neut slots is very swingy.


Thank you for explaining it.


Three possible scum neuts makes the game too scumsided.
By reducing one of the slots, the swing factor is heavily decreased, and on average will produce fairer rolls.


That’s what I said


By the way. Are we allowed to post class changes here or classes we’d like to see added?


But I used more words


They will be seriously reviewed, though.


Uhm, rather not here though as this is to discuss the changes made only. Just make a new thread or tack unto an existing one that might already exist. :thinking:

So if it’s a new idea completely just make a different thread, but if it adapts a change made or something like that, then it’s fine here of course.