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FoL Changes Thread


Do you want to take the lead, because I’m totally fine relinquishing all responsibility, especially if this is the response. I’m quite busy now anyways with my job.

I’m not going to apologise for trying to step in and still make something of this, when there hasn’t been any hint of this still being a thing on this forum with everything that happened. Credit or copy right or whatever issue like that is also stupid to discuss when FoL is based on ToL and these fora are associated with it. XBlade literally appointed us as FoL moderators.

Geyde showed that initiative, hence why I wanted to work with him.

I had a bad day at work, so apologies if this is harsh


I might give some advice here and there.


You can’t copy right a class, imagine this in the court

They are playing forum mafia on an online forum that has the flavor of our class and abilties


I added Ici to our discussion. Any concerns regarding “leadership” will be preferred to PM, so this thread can discuss the actual changes made.


Overthrow the KINGS! Down with the kingdom!


I think it’s kinda bollocks that you’re giving Solic and co. all this shit for being in positions I highly doubt they demanded to be in. Point is, they stepped up where nobody else did and I, for one, don’t see any problems with it. We can’t just have a revolt when nothing has happened to warrant one.

I think the behaviour and language being thrown around here is disgraceful, tbh.


exactly what I said

we can revolt when someone who used to be in power wants to tbh


What do you mean by this?


Say marl and Ashe want to do this again. We revolt against solic.

I know this is a very unlikely scenario but :man_shrugging:



We don’t “revolt” against Solic because Solic has done fuck all to warrant being revolted against.


Revolt may be too harsh of a word

How about asking nicely to step down and if that doesn’t work take it by force


Say the manager of your favourite sports team leaves his position because of personal reasons.

Someone else steps into that position and does a decent job.

Then that manager wants to return.

Do you petition to sack your current manager to bring the old one back?



Actually yes I would.
Tbh the community should probably determine who runs this


Terrible answer.

I will never support this cause if it arises, in the current climate.



Pretty sure Ashe and marl ran this for a long time and got it to where it was before they left, the person who was fired was mostly shocked from their family member dying and needed a break. Then someone else came in to fix the position left behind, and afterwards we deny them it.

That’s basically what you are arguing against, of course someone would leave in that scenario. But how would it feel if you spent a year working on something take a break and then lose it forever


I’m not going to try to convince you here because I don’t have the energy to write longer then that, and I feel like you would probably just stick with your belief even if I did. no offense



None taken, considering I’m not the one being a jerk to Solic about it.

If he wants to step aside when the time comes then that’s his prerogative, but you cannot, and - and I shouldn’t have to stress this - should not force him to, especially when the poor man has done nothing wrong.


Tbh if I want to think about this in a way I feel like solic would give it up if asked, and the more I think about it the more I feel like the personaility of a person it would take to keep the position even though someone who worked like a year on it would make you disagree with letting them keeping it.

wow I’m going into philosophical arguments now


Uhm guys, you realize that Solic and the others never wanted this all to happen. It happened what happened, and the last who are at fault for this are the new ones. They just try to hold this community together, because noone else is doing it. This is kinda pretty rude against them.