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FoL Changes Thread


A large group is not going to be able to push changes fast and will be stuck in arguing hell. We value feedback and input however and will do our best to incorporate it.


Overthrow the system! Yar! FInally a reason to riot!


Xed deleted.


What about Alfa tho


Alfa? Who’s that? I don’t remember them at all…it’s almost like they never talk in the community


Still weird that Geyde and Solic are suddenly in charge for reasons I literally don’t understand?


Yeah it’s why I want to revolt tbh


Wanna join?



Definitely confused though because as far as I know Moderator =/= FoL Team and vice versa


Don’t think there’s an fol team anymore tbh


Alfa is still the “leader” I thought

At the very least she’s definitely our point of contact with other communities, which implies she’s still lead on the FoL Team


I don’t even remember when the last time Alfa done anything




The distinction between moderator here doesn’t hold up anyways, because I was already working with Geyde before he got moderator. The FoL team left, so now we’re the new FoL team. We are open to input. That’s all I can say about it really…

If you say why us, then I can say why not us? Somebody has to take up the mantle left behind.


And please say … who else would/could do it, of the people who decided to not leave.


Isaac me And margaret


actually I’m still here
i don’t do anything buuuuuut I’m still here


It just feels weird to go from one leadership group that kinda sorta made sense due to their early deep involvement to one that just kinda decided “ok we’re in charge now”, especially when two of the old people are still around.

Plus, again, I know for a fact that Alfa is still acting as a point of contact with other communities, and as Ici just said, he’s here too. Maybe a conversation needs to be had with the four of you to figure out what exactly is happening?

Beyond that, if we were hoping to overhaul the team, I’d have expected more searching for people who are dedicated and know their stuff to help join. A two-person team is smaller than it has been since, like, FoL 1. There are people here who have been around for a long time, who really know their stuff, and who are definitely dedicated enough to take part in this if the FoL team is entirely shifting. Why are none of them involved?

I know you guys have good intentions, but this feels strangely like a coup, considering the complete lack of discussion on any of it, and it just kinda rubs me the wrong way lol


I think it’s fine as long as the other people who used to be in charge don’t revolt

however I’m always opening to revolting here


I agree

But as far as I can tell

They haven’t been contacted about this at all

And that is my problem