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FoL Changes Thread


To truly master full you must play for the long game


And then claim knight


You wouldn’t be lynch immune as the meta is false


How is that meta false ?


you can post as evil to


Only 10 posts




No it’s not


yeah it is


Prove it


In all of my scum games I was inactive warhammer is only that comes out of that rule but even then it applied to only Day 1-2 but it’s just expection from rule since it doesn’t apply to my previous scum games and neither to next ones


Why does that have to be the case?


Cuz paranoia


Suggesting a return for this class, maybe change it a bit.

The Alchemist

Neutral Support
Coagulate (Passive) - You are immune to bleeding.
Extract Essence (Day) - Cause a player to bleed. They will die in two nights unless healed. If you successfully bleed a member of the Blue Dragon, you will gain an extra use of Crimson Potion. You find out if you gain a charge at the start of the night.- 2 uses.
Crimson Potion (Night) - Heal a player, preventing their death and curing any poison or bleeding. Can target yourself. - 2 uses
Emerald Potion (Night) - Kill a player. - 1 use
Your objective is to survive.

Convert Immune


The class is boring as this way


it’s just too weak for it to be fun to play


Remove all classes
Add Alch
Change alch wincon to be the last player standing

GI Turbo Battle Royale - Game Over, Isaac wins

brb starting up and alch battle royale turbo


what about GI?


GI turbo but only the alchemists on there will be used.