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FoL Changes Thread


After that nuke dies from old age so we can discuss your changes then


Note to self: Discover cure to aging


Alternatively just stab myself. Dead people can’t die of old age


scribbles In nuke’s note to give some to firekitten so we play forum mafia for eveeeeeerr


I will comment on these tomorrow.


While fair doesn’t stop me from discussing changes with your death


pulls out a second knife

I can fix that


Chrono, like
Crusader, I guess, Providence needs to not prevent or needs to target every visitor not just evil ones. There is too much self-protect otherwise imo and I think it’s too strong with omniscient abilities. Scum might need doctor variants if a BD bleeding specialist is introduced. Should change scum supports accordingly. Too big of a change to just add in another class. Should be tested first.
Hunter Cult Alt, fair
Knight Cult Alt, like
Observer, peek needs to be limited then or it’s way too strong. I prefer peek going to princess and little bird staying making it a purer “visit checker” and Princess’ Wisp is already awful and is more varied too with having royal blood, so it doesn’t need to be just a type checker.
Assassin, unnecessary
Herbalist, class type change only affects Princess checks, which would be a nerf to Herbalist, since social classes are harder to fakeclaim, albeit experimental Noble is now a decent fakeclaim. I guess this is also a 60% agree for change.
Mastermind, like it
Nightwatch, decent
Zealot looks swingy. I think the king kill is strong yet also niche. It won’t help at all if there is an evil king, yet this seems to be the main selling point of the zealot. Protectives that Zealot could typically bleed would already have ways to protect themselves (Chrono and Phys) (Crusader and Zealot are a bit too themed for Cult already would suggest rename too)
Cult Leader, Agree
Fanatic, just keep it, always gives an out of claiming occupied when there are no outed occupiers in a massclaim. Some spawning rules might need to be in order or a new neutral benign/chaos needs to replace Alchemist or Alchemist needs to come back, because currently too many pure scum neuts exist.
Fool, current version of fool is fine.
Inquisitor, maybe this could be tweaked to be less scum-sided.
Mercenary, do not like, get an assassin as random target and a sheriff checking them. Good luck making that work.
Scorned/Devil, hate, they play differently and I do not see the reason for a merge. Also a small note is that framing killer/offensives show up as special/investigatives


Oh wait, we get to suggest added classes now?

add plz thx

also merge devil and scorned because they’re the same f***ing thing

also remove fool because it has only ever lost once iirc and that’s insane


We haven’t stopped complaining about fool :^)


Dama being lock town lul


Either the fool becomes locktown or they win


And you can win by doing NOTHING.

See Hja and Sketch.


Fool: doesn’t put any effort into game even to write more posts than confirm
Also fool: wins


at least I played fool by acting really towny however doing these slightly suspicious things and then eventually claiming an unique class which gets me executed


I really wanted mad king tbh


You do understand that if my postcount was more than 30 in that game I would Lynch immune unless evils had majority


Not really true


That’s the fool play which I believe should be rewarded. If every fool had to play like that to win I would be all for them staying.

But, the reality is is that two players won by not actually trying :^)


I did you don’t know how much had I suppress my urge to write something when town was acting stupid